Don’t be afraid to write crap



84 thoughts on “Don’t be afraid to write crap

  1. ….and the exercise handouts I used to provide to my patients doubled as spare toilet paper in times of emergencies! πŸ˜€ I love it; finding a positive spin in almost every situation is possible.This attitude make it a lot easier to stand up and dust oneself off after a misstep. Nice to start a day on a positive note. Thank you.

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  2. Great advice!! In my case, I’m impulsive and like instant gratification, so it’s a discipline to let something sit and go back to edit later. But, it is so worth it! I’m learning slowly but surely. Thank you for reminding me!

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  4. I always think my work is… well maybe not a crap but nothing special and just thought about it as whispers of my heart, just my world… but every now and then I’m writing something brilliant… lol

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