Blooming in the Dark

Sometimes, neglect can be as painful as abuse.

To all the women who have ever felt alone, unwanted, unappreciated, or unloved.

This one is for you.

Blooming in the Dark

Unappreciated sacrifices

replaced dreams that slowly died

her aging petals wilting

from the silent tears she cried

Forgotten and all alone

hummingbird with no sound

heart beating without love

petals sinking to the ground

Depressed in her little corner

neglected and unmarked

an unappreciated flower

forever blooming in the dark



244 thoughts on “Blooming in the Dark

  1. “Blooming in the Dark” is a fantastic line. Fantastic. One that as writer I am totally jealous of. The rest of the poem is beautiful and heartfelt. You cannot ask for more.

    Now, I’m going to be contrary. I believe we must all love ourselves and not look outside for our needs to met. We all need love. And that love is always available, if we can just give it to ourselves. That can be tricky. And sure, it is fanflippingtastic when we can get that love from someone else. But, we really don’t need it from someone else in order to “bloom.”

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  2. Hoping that all neglected women will learn not to look to someone else to complete them or to assess their blue. When we value OURSELVES, that is a thing no one else can take from us.

    The neglect in my childhood was emotional, and accompanied by abuse. I often felt this way…I am profoundly grateful to have learned to love myself….something that was considered high conceit in my family of origin, but is vital not only to my personal peace, but to that of my family as well.

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  3. I remember reading this post a long time ago… and it made me cry. But I never said anything… never commented or even hit like because I was so used to hiding, I was afraid to come out. I felt like this was written about me – every line, every word – and I thought that would make me seem weak… and I didn’t want to “meet” someone under those circumstances. Because even though this is me, it’s not all of me.

    Every single word is perfect… and that you even think and know and care enough about women to write something so beautiful made me even more nervous to speak a word. I knew you were amazing… and being the woman in this poem, I felt like I wasn’t.

    But now, I have someone in my life helping me see that I was wrong… I do matter and I deserve to be appreciated. And it doesn’t matter if we talk for seconds or minutes or hours… because if this guy thinks I’m something special, I am not going to argue. He must be right.

    This is a beautiful post… I always thought so. Sorry it took me so long to tell you.

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    • This is the most incredible comment I have ever received. Honestly, I have mixed emotions about your words. I’m touched that you relate to this poem, but sadden by it as well. No woman should be kept in the dark or shoved in a corner. No one should ever feel unloved. Don’t know if you’re familiar with the movie Dirty Dancing, but to quote the main character, “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” So, happy you have someone who is a positive influence in your life. You are unique. Everyne is. And that is waht makes you special. I hope you listen to your friend and find the beauty that resides in you. I have learned it is hard to find true love if you don’t love and value yourself first. And please, never hesitate to comment. I don’t bite. Well, I would if you ask me to.

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  4. Reblogged this on The Lonely Author and commented:

    Since, I won’t be around much, I decided to repost a few of my older writes for my newer friends to read. This one is from November 12, back when I first started writing poetry. “Blooming In The Dark,” also happens to be one of my favorites. Hope you enjoy.

    Happy Tuesday to all.


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