Afternoon Delight 

Not for the faint of heart.
When I first read her writing, I imagined this temptress dipping her quill in a jar of honey. Seconds later she penned her words with a jalapeno. Sweet and deliciously hot. You will find an erotic plethora to choose from. My idea of a start to a perfect evening? I would kickoff my shoes. Open a bottle of wine while my little lady slides into her stockings and lingerie. We would sit in front of a fireplace, and read the seductive prose of Leslie Meeks…

Leslie Meeks

It was an afternoon of delight, as my hands began to caress over my silken body.

My thoughts of you worked overtime, stimulating me down to the core of my sex.

My desire for you worked my fingers endlessly, until my body gave to the simultaneous waves of fabulous pleasure.

It was an afternoon of delight, between you and I.

Photo taken from Pinterest

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14 thoughts on “Afternoon Delight 

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  2. i like d lonely auther’s written work n all those things from which he belong . but dis outprint out of pic,shit.i do’nt like dis image.plz can u keep attention of my feeling n save to hurt me.plz.

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