Do You Have A Super Power?

Yeah, that is my super power. My better half has the uncanny super power of scent (thus Lonely Author bathes regularly. Rubber ducky doesn’t mind).

Today, posting wasn’t in my plans. However, I just read the works of a writer who deeply inspires me. Need to work off some steam, so let’s go.

I am tired of going to the movies and half the choices are comic book heroes. I have always been a big fan of Batman and Ironman, but things in Hollywood are out of control. What can I say, Hollywood has never been known for great originality. Ninety five percent of the great movies were taken from novels. And many of those they screwed up.

Big James Bond fan, too. Always thought Sean Connery was the best, but that was until Daniel Craig came along. His interpretation of a less than perfect Bond, with so many flaws fascinates me.

The best books and movies are usually about flawed characters who have to overcome their fears in order to defeat their adversaries.

Please, someone, anyone, keep me company. Lonely Author needs conversation.

Do you have a super power?

If you could pick one, what super power would it be?



181 thoughts on “Do You Have A Super Power?

  1. Good evening Lonely Author. I wasn’t going to post today either but then something happened and I had to spill it out on the pages and voila.

    I am right there with you on James Bond. I was only discussing this with a friend the other day and I’m a great Daniel Craig fan…. not in a crush sort of way but because he’s slightly more rugged and real.

    Do I have a super power? Why of course I do, I can fly….anywhere I want to go and whenever I should feel the need or desire. It’s a secret though so please don’t tell anyone.

    I love the t-shirt by the way.

    Gosh, I appear to be hungry again. Must raid the fridge and return with a full tummy and renewed energy.

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  2. First of all, I LOVE that tshirt! Second of all, I never thought of writing as a super power, but I would like to be even better at it, so perhaps I’d choose that. The super power to get through my anxiety though easier would be nice as well. πŸ™‚ Have a great day!

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  3. Superpower: immortality/eternal youth, no wait that’s vampire nonsense. Hmm, super strength? Nah I’d probably hurt someone by accident. Invisibility! Nope, I’m sure I’d get distracted and run over by a car. Teleportation sounds safe enough but could I be trusted to use my power for good? Oh this is hard! Also I liked Roger Moore! Bah! Just kidding!

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    • Hahaha. Roger Moore was the most comical of the Bonds. He never really did anything after Bond. With so many super powers to choose from it gets a little hard. It think writing is a good one. writers create worlds and characters. Thanks for stopping by.

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  4. I would pick teleportation. How lovely to get where I need to be in a flash. No airports. No traffic jams. No expensive parking garages. Of course, I need to be able to arrive at my destination clothed. Otherwise all bets are off.

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  5. Hello Lonelyauthor😊
    I def enjoy your writing so I’m grateful for your super writing powers..
    I would love to have Poof powers
    Poofing anything I wish with the snap of a finger and a smile 😜
    Instead i dream and write..
    So I am a super power dreamer😊

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  6. hhmmm…super power…writes faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than any agent, able to leap tall deadlines with a single bound, writes for truth, justice and the American way…this looks like a job for…well, something like that would be helpful.

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  7. My super power is that I have fairy glamour. I seem to bathe everything in a golden glow of niceness and can make the most unappealing thing seem attractive. I think I might give off a pheromone too that attracts crazy people and middle-aged men…

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  8. when i was a kid i always want to be jean gray, she is the best for me, she have a wonderful powers. but today the new xmen killed her and it is kinda disappointing but i still like her and it is my choice of super power.. she is really powerful

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    • And you create characters and worlds. The power of healing would be a blessing. You are the second person who mentioned this. Very thoughtful and generous. You selected a power to help others. Wonderful heart. Thanks for stopping by.


  9. Super powers? That’s too much for my humble self, I’d just like to state I do not have super powers rather than a strange lane of attraction.

    I tend to attract people in need for love and understanding.. Sounds pretty lame but, this is a true fact lol

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  10. My SUPER POWER is DOCTOR COMMON SENSE. I use my powers to live a healthy and happy life. I also use it to teach others how they can achieve these same benefits WITHOUT RELYING ON DOCTORS (in many cases) and their bag of pharmaceutical tricks. No one can stop my pursuit for truth, justice and the American way (which includes plagiarizing this last line!)

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    • Common sense is rare nowadays. We need to spread this knowledge, so people can improve their lives. Everything you said is so true. Always used my writing for coping, never needed medicines to cure my woes. I will ignore the plagiarism, lol. Thanks for stopping by my friend.

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  11. I dream that I fly. I think that would be my super power. I love movies. I read Koontz’s Odd Thomas books. I wished for a movie. While scanning Youtube yesterday I found the 1st book Odd Thomas movie. It was a disappointment.

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  12. Since you are a writer and know what to look for, perhaps you could tell me….what my superpowers are. I know I’ve missed several I don’t recognize as such. πŸ™‚ And thanks for frequently visiting my blog, BY THE MIGHTY MUMFORD. Hope I can come up with happier poetry—now and then!

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  13. I don’t have any, unfortunately. But I could pick one, it’d be the ability to understand and speak all the languages in the world. ALL. I could read and write any books, speak with anyone. No courses to attend, no tests to pass. I think languages are sexy.
    Oh — might as well — animal languages too. I’d love to speak whale. Like Dory.

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  14. Super power … I am a friend. I am loyal, consistent, open, listening … (do I sound like a dog yet??). If I have to find one thing in the countless wonderful things I can do (ROFLMAO, couldn’t resist) — it would have to be my ability to be a real friend. Not that I ever get to use it … if you don’t use a super power, can you lose it??

    Oh, and I have my own kryptonite also. Lack of self esteem … (can’t have a super power without a kryptonite can you?)

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  15. I have some super power dear…
    Things will happen in real those comes in my dreams πŸ™‚ Rarely but not every one…
    I do have some 6th sense…. if any thing bad luck coming to me r to my family , then my right eye will vibrate continuously… that is every time… ex: if my mom got sick i do get that indication …. next day i will get a call that she is sick and want to talk with me…. πŸ™‚

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  16. I am, my wife informs me, Dust Magnet Man. Wherever I go, especially if I go there for more than five minutes, I create a thin film around me. I have still to experiment, but I theorize that if I remained static for more than a day, I would be buried completely.

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