for so long

I wanted to change things up. Reading the works of so many inspiring writers I have penned this.

Criticisms please.

Ladies, be gentle. This was my first time…..hehehe


for so long

for so long

I have adored her through my window

far too long

I have suffered her silent tears

so unloved

this siren breathes unappreciated

too unloved

retreating in the shadows of her fears


for so long

 he abused her with his hatred

far too long

drowning in her love in vain

so unloved

if only she would let me adore her

too unloved

my tears could wash away her pain



194 thoughts on “for so long

  1. Bravo!! So good to know that chivalry is not extinct, just locked silently away in our hearts and heads; this is an incredible expression of the silent hero finding his voice at last. Just beautiful! I especially love the line “drowning in her love in vain”. Rich emotion, real world, intense and yet vulnerable, with such exquisite longing merged with regret… I absolutely love it! Can you tell? Lol

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    • Oh my God. You have stunned me with your reaction. Thanks so much. I have several lady friends in these type of relationships, I offer a little advice, but for the most part, watch in silence. They cling to these handsome “animals” unappreciated and unloved. Thanks so much for your comments.

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  2. Wow…You captured the feelings of many souls and hearts alike out there perfectly.
    Another angle that I got out of reading your poem (aside from the obvious) is that there are so many women out there who have gone numb to what the definition of love really is, and because of the numbness, they’ve lost the ability to read their emotions and see with eyes of truth, which would help them to realize that they’re worth so much more than what they’ve allowed themselves to be so yeah…Enjoyed reading =]

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  3. You’ve added a new dimension to your writing by breathing your feelings and making this poem come to life. A warmhearted giver you are, and you cannot stand seeing those in need to remain within the shadows of pain.
    Beautiful my friend! 😀

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  4. This poem is remarkable in its power and restraint. The emotional energy is palpable, precisely due to it’s containment. Re: “I feel women express emotions, senses, and feelings better than men.” For me, there is no “better” – this is your authentic voice, expressed through your chosen words. It’s beautiful!

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  5. Please feel free to quote my comment to your friend … or anyone, for that matter. This is a perfect example of why we writers need to focus on staying true to our own unique voice. Every reader has his/her own unique filter through which our words will pass. We can only control how our words are delivered, not how they are received. 🙂

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  6. “lonelyauthor,” Love this sensuous poem & drooling photo! Thanks for the “Follow” & “Like” om my post, “Changing America.” I really enjoyed reading your bio & about the novels you have written accompanied by screenplays (which I have put my hand at in writing one “Treatment”!) & noting your most recent novel in LONG HAND ready to put on the computer….which I readily identify with!!! Keep up the the activity pace while you have age on your side!!! I am 69 & what happens in life is that energy is a commodity you have in limited supply. Retirees like me complain of so much to do & not enough time…NOT SO!!!……It’s all about ENERGY!…..We older folks just move slower & THINK we don’t have enough time for it all! Ha! Phil from …….New post on our recent trip, “The Rhine: 2015” coming up this month of November!…..TIME…NO, ENERGY! One post EVERY OTHER MONTH!!! Used to be once a week in 2012! Phil

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    • Message well taken. LOL I will have more poetry and sensual pics coming. I have always loved the female form adorned in lingerie. Superman had kryptonite and I have me weaknesses. Really appreciate the advice. Do you have treatments on your blog? Thanks for stopping by. I will visit yours soon.

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      • “lonelyauthor,” Such a nice person I can tell you are from your reply content. No, no treatments on my blog. I once wrote a treatment, “The Millennial Factor,” way before the year 2001 & the new millennium in 1995!!! I had this great idea for a movie &, thus, wrote the treatment to “sell” to an agent. The problem was that I had to keep revising it because of new MAJOR events in the news & due to rapidly changing internet technology, both, obviously, playing big in my story. And that was way before you heard in the media, millennium this, millennium that. It was a great story, too! My blog has no theme or audience. I write what I wish to post about. It’s been great since I started it January 2012! Thanks for listening. Phil

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        • A blog is for you to write about what pleases you. People of the same mind will follow. What a shame your treatment didn’t pan out So. you wrote something so current you were forced to live in revision. Interesting. Thanks for sharing that, Sounds like you had an intriguing life. Thanks for following me. I will be back to your blog for more discussion.

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  7. The helplessness of watching that happen to someone is the epitome of frustration. If you are secretly in love with that person, how much more so? This is beautifully expressed. Now I’m going to the next post and pick up my comment there!

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  8. I totally understand the sentiment, even if I’m a lady… 🙂

    I think we’ve all been there a time or two: watching someone we love or admire being mistreated by an unkind person. It’s a terrible feeling, and even more terrible, believing we could be caring for that person in a way that makes them bloom.

    Here’s to blooming all on our own, in the gray and through the stones. 🙂

    And P.S. I think you did beautifully for your first time. ;). Keep writing … Only gets better from here!!

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    • Yes and no. Photo reminded me of two female friends (who I love as friends). They were and are trapped in this type of relationship. My advice has fallen on deaf ears, so I no longer ring up the subject. I offer my shoulder when necessary and let their tears soak my shoulders. But the photo triggered everything.


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